The Polytechnic School provides public education for over 350 children  
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Puntacana International School

Ann and Ted Kheel Polytechnic School


Built by the PUNTACANA Foundation in 2004, the Polytechnic School is the only public high school within 50 square miles of the Punta Cana International Airport. It offers quality secondary education with an emphasis on technical skills to over 300 students a year from the nearby towns of Verón, Bávaro, Cortecito and Cabeza de Toro.

The Polytechnic is dedicated to the late Theodore W. Kheel, co-founder of Grupo PUNTACANA, and his late wife, Mrs. Ann S. Kheel, who served on numerous educational commissions and was instrumental in the civil rights movement in the United States.

The school has eight classrooms equipped with computers as well as physics, chemistry and biology labs. Through a unique alliance with INFOTEP, the Institute for Technical Professional Development, the school offers hands-on training in refrigeration maintenance and repair. Students take general computing classes and are also trained on software applications commonly used in the workplace. The school has developed training programs in plumbing, electrical wiring, information technology, hospitality and tourism.

Admission is merit based and tuition is nominal, in accordance with FPC’s commitment to sustainability and its desire to make education accessible to all the local youth population, regardless of family income. The Catholic Church, Altagracia Diocese, operates the school with the cooperation of the Dominican Secretary of Education.

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