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In 2004, the Foundation launched the Partnership for Ecologically Sustainable Coastal Areas (PESCA), a long-term collaborative effort that seeks to balance the continued growth and development of the region, the long-term health and sustainability of the coastal zone and coral reef, and the needs of local stakeholders. PESCA projects include: coral reef and coastal ecosystem restoration, sustainable fisheries management, conservation of endangered species, water quality monitoring, and the development of alternative livelihoods for local fishermen.

The Dominican Republic is the fastest growing destination in the Caribbean in large part because of its beautiful coastal ecosystems. Punta Cana, by far the most popular tourist destination in the DR, is home to one of the largest barrier reefs in the Dominican Republic and also critical breeding grounds for pelagic and reef fish. Ironically, even though the local tourism industry depends upon these unique natural resources to attract tourists from all over the world, current development practices in the region threaten to destroy the very same delicate ecosystems that attract the industry’s clientele.

The Partnership for Ecologically Sustainable Coastal Areas recognizes the urgency of implementing effective and sustainable coastal management programs that can be replicated throughout the region to protect the area’s precious natural resources. PESCA is a unique public-private coalition represented by government agencies (the Dominican Council of Fishing and Aquaculture (CODOPESCA) and the Dominican Ministry of Environment, private companies (Club Med, Cap Cana, and the Hotel Association of the La Altagracia Province), and local stakeholders (Juanillo Fishermen’s Association). PESCA also has international partners that provide technical and scientific expertise, including Reef Check, the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Counterpart International, and the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute. Working together, PESCA possesses the leadership, technical capacity, organizational structure and dedication to successfully test and implement integrated coastal management programs.

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