Grupo Puntacana has over 40 years of commitment to environmental and social sustainability  
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  • 1969: Ted Kheel and group of 40 partners purchase approximately 30 square miles of undeveloped land n the Dominican Republic.
  • 1970: Kheel and partners hire Frank Rainieri, Dominican entrepreneur, to develop tourism project.
  • 1971: Grupo PUNTACANA (GPC) builds first “resort” of 10 beach cottages and clubhouse, dedication attended by President Balaguer.
  • 1972: GPC builds first elementary school in Punta Cana.
  • 1977: Club Mediterranee purchases tract of land from GPC.
  • 1980: Club Med opens hotel in Punta Cana
  • 1984: Inauguration of the Punta Cana International Airport with first flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 1987: GPC builds new PUNTACANA Resort & Club using thatch-roof constructions and low-impact sustainable architecture
  • 1988: Formation of the not-for-profit PUNTACANA Ecological Foundation (FEPC) with donation of 1,500 acres of land for ecological park and reserve (incorporation follows in 1994).
  • 1992: FEPC launches first sustainable agriculture initiative in Punta Cana (Fruit Tree Garden)
  • 1997: Julio Iglesias and Oscar de la Renta join Kheel and Rainieri as GPC major partners and build first homes in Corales development
  • 1998: GPC founds a second not-for-profit organization, PUNTACANA Foundation (FPC) to develop social and community programs in the region.
  • 2000 FPC founds bilingual, private school PUNTACANA International School (PCIS).
  • 2001: FEPC and GPC create PUNTACANA Center for Sustainability to develop research and education programs that create solutions to the environmental and social challenges facing society.
  • 2003: FPC founds the public Ann and Ted Kheel Polytechnic (High) School.
  • 2004: FEPC launches PUNTACANA Partnership for Ecological Sustainable Coastal Areas (PESCA).
  • 2005: Grupo PUNTACANA makes its first commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative.
  • 2005: Launch of co-management of Rural Clinic of Veron.
  • 2006: Grupo PUNTACANA becomes founding member of RENAEPA, the National Network for Businesses that Protect the Environment in the Dominican Republic.
  • 2007: Grupo PUNTACANA becomes a member of the United Nations Global Compact.
  • 2007: FEPC launches Zero Waste, integrated solid waste management system for Puntacana Resort & Club.
  • 2009: FEPC launches beekeeping and worm-composting operation.
  • 2009: FEPC signs collaborative agreement with the Hispaniola Ornithological Society to conserve the Ridgway’s Hawk.
  • 2009: FEPC and FPEC sign a collaborative agreement with Save the Children to develop community programs in the town of Veron.
  • 2010: FEPC reinaugurates the Fruit Tree Garden and offers diverse ecological excursions.

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