The Rural Clinic of Veron provides free primary health care to over 80 patients a day  
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The Rural Clinic of Veron is the only primary care facility serving the local community within 50 miles of the Punta Cana International Airport. This clinic is financed and managed by a collaboration of the following partners:

  • PUNTACANA Foundation
  • Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
  • Secretary of Public Health, Dominican Republic
  • Neighborhood Association, Community of Veron
The populations of Veron and the surrounding communities have grown dramatically in recent years as the region has become one of the Caribbean’s top tourist destinations. Today Punta Cana welcomes five times as many visitors as just five years ago. While the creation of jobs and economic opportunity are positives, the pace of growth far outstripped the capacity of the existing medical and educational facilities.

As recently as two years ago, the government-run rural Clinic was in poor condition and did not have the resources to provide even basic services to patients. Recognizing the need for good health care, the PUNTACANA Foundation reached out to different partners to form the current management team. Together, the partners made a commitment to ensure that local residents have access to quality health care.

In 2005, the partners signed an agreement to conduct a 5-year project with the following goals:
  1. To provide quality medical care to the underserved residents of Veron;
  2. To improve hygiene, nutrition, and community health by improving potable and residual water, solid waste, and pest control, and launching community outreach and educational initiatives;
  3. To create opportunities for research, education and the exchange of experiences in the international health community of universities, hospitals, clinics, and schools.


  • The appointment and funding of two full time medical doctors, a nurse and administrative staff;
  • The establishment of a monthly rotation of medical residents from the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine;
  • Renovations of the existing facility.
Investments thus far allow the clinic to provide quality primary care to 50 to 70 patients every day. We also offer the following services:
  • Pre-natal care
  • Women’s health
  • Vaccination, community outreach and health education programs
  • Infectious disease research programs

Goals for the Future

  • Build overnight facilities for 20 patients as well as additional offices, examination rooms and laboratory space;
  • Installation of technologies for video conferencing, electronic recordkeeping, and distance learning programs;
  • Installation of systems for proper monitoring and treatment of waste and residual waters
  • A solid waste management plan;
  • Purchase of a vehicle for transporting critical patients to more specialized facilities in Higuey.

Partnership Opportunities

There are many ways you can support the clinic and associated programs of the PUNTACANA Foundation. We are grateful for direct financial support, as well as donations of medicines, medical supplies, construction materials or publicity. You can speak to an administrator at the clinic or contact to help.
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